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Roller Compacted Concrete

Roller compacted concrete starts out as a drier mix of basic ingredients that can be compacted with rollers. This delivers an end product that does not have joints—eliminating the need for forms, finishing and steel reinforcements. Add up those costs and you’ll begin to appreciate what a great advantage we have with our new technology!

We put roller compacted concrete in place using our advanced paving equipment that compacts it with rollers—and you enjoy long-term quality benefits in addition to “right now” cost savings.

We move faster and more economically.

Logistics Concrete can help you enjoy bottom line savings and ease of placement.
  • Talk to one of our estimators or arrange to visit one of our projects.
  • We’ll demonstrate how to achieve the strength of conventional poured concrete with a low initial cost, long service and nominal maintenance.

Stands up to heavy loads, freeze-thaw and tough budget scrutiny!

Roller compacted concrete is a high-volume process that moves at high speed compared to conventional methods.
  • Roller compacted concrete is blended at or near your site.
  • It is placed in our specialized paver that places the concrete material the same way it would be placed by an asphalt paver.
  • It is compacted to provide just the right density.
  • It delivers strength with a smooth, seamless surface texture.
  • A water spray is used to facilitate curing—and a membrane can also be sprayed on for an additional seal.
  • An additional asphalt surface may be added—if desired. This is not a necessity.

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