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Roller Compacted Concrete 

Truckloading Docks

Mainline Concrete Paving

From the days of Eisenhower to the present, concrete pavement has kept America moving. If you were to look at the one thing all of our states have in common—it would be the concrete infrastructure that connects them.

Logistics Concrete is uniquely poised to help America continue to move into the future by delivering a long-lasting product that can handle a Minnesota winter equally well as a scorching Arizona summer.

There are no limits.

We don’t set limits on how far our advanced paving technology can take your budget. Contact us for information on how roller compacted concrete can be used for everything from interstate highways to state and county roads to parking lots and airstrips.

Our technology can be employed to surface some of the toughest jobs you face—with smooth, dependable, long lasting results.

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