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“A breath of fresh air” is pretty high praise for a paving contractor!

That’s a direct quote from the largest ready-mix supplier of concrete. This supplier found working with our Logistics Concrete team was much easier and far more organized than what they had experienced with other roller compacted concrete providers.

We care and it shows.

Logistics Concrete is co-owned by third generation road builders who have a passion for the business which translates into better customer service and long-term results.

We have invested millions of dollars in our business to ensure you get the most for your paving dollars. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled people make a concrete difference—in the end product and at your bottom line.

Making Headlines.

Concrete Construction Cover Story

Logistics Concrete was recently featured as the cover story for Concrete Construction Magazine. This article addresses the techniques and innovations which have made our company and Roller-compacted concrete one of the most exciting new approaches to construction in the concrete world.


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CenterPoint Intermodal
Center (CIC) in Joliet, IL,
is located on the site of
the former Joliet Arsenal.


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